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Guiding women to become empowered in creating a life of alignment and purpose & to trust their inner wisdom.


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I'm Viktoria, a Human Design Reader and Reiki Master with a vision and passion of guiding women to become empowered so that you awaken your authentic self and step into your soul purpose. 

I know firsthand what it's like to live out of alignment, and to stay up at night KNOWING that my soul was called for more but not having a blueprint for how to get there.


After discovering the Human Design System and applying it in my own personal life, at home with myself and then my own 3 children, I began to experience transformations.


I applied the hands-on tools and practices that I now share with you to experience greater alignment, fulfillment, a deep sense of purpose. As a result, I saw increased harmony in my relationships with others, and more importantly with myself.


I was finally able to understand why manifestation doesn't work for so many people. When you show up from a misaligned place of burnout and depletion, there is much resistance and absolutely no place for all that vision and desire to drop in.


It's when I learned how to trust in my inner wisdom/intuition, I began to experience alignment and to manifest my soul's calling in with greater ease and flow.

When I learned how to tap into my own gifts and transcend the shadows, I felt more energized, creative and a deep sense of satisfaction in all areas of life- parenting, relationships, and career.

Working together, I guide you to real-life, practical and tangible tools and resources that empower you to take the keys to the driver's seat of your life and step into your purpose regardless of where you are currently.


Begin the journey of bridging the gap between where you currently are and where you desire to be; Whether in your personal life, relationships, family, or career & business.


I meet you exactly where you are, in a beautiful container of space, without judgement, and from a place of compassion. 

From common ground, to helping take you to higher ground, you can begin to experience breakthroughs and transmute feeling burnt-out, unmotivated, uninspired, frustrated, angry, disappointed, bitter and stuck into feeling flow, ease, inspiration, greater energy, satisfaction, and greater success.


With energetic healing tools such as Reiki and Chakra balancing, paired with Human Design, I help you release any of the blockages or negative patterns/conditioning that have been keeping you back from unleashing your innate potential, gifts and strengths so that you can begin to step into your authentic self and your soul purpose.

If Human Design and/or Reiki is new to you, I invite you to read and learn more about these transformational tools by selecting them in the menu options or click here for

Human Design and Reiki.

Begin by getting your FREE Human Design chart here



Helping you to become Empowered so that you can take the keys to the driver's seat of your life and begin the journey of stepping into your soul purpose

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