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HUMAN DESIGN Soul Purpose Alignment Program

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*A $975 Value* This program is held over ZOOM and includes 5, one-hour, 1:1 Coaching sessions held every other week. In this Program, you will receive a foundational Human Design Reading. We will dive deep into your unique Human Design and discover how you can begin to release and break free from: -Frustration -Anger -Disappointment -Bitterness -Burnout -Feeling Stuck And instead, learn how to experience more of: - Satisfaction -Peace -Surprise -Success -Excitement & Energy -Flow This program will help you to discover: -Your unique gifts, talents & strengths -How to de-condition from self-sabotaging belief systems -How to bridge the gap between merely coping and surviving (living a life of quiet desperation), and instead become empowered as your own Authority so you can step into the front seat of your life and thrive. This program will also include the following: -1:1 Transformational coaching -Human Design Reading and deep dive into your gifts/strengths and how you show up in the world -A guided mediation Reiki Experience designed to align you on your Divine soul purpose -Energetic balancing of your Chakras & Meridians to support you in healing & releasing of blockages that have been keeping you from showing up as your best & highest self -Auric Cleanse -Hands-on practices to Empower you to listen to your own inner wisdom & learn to find your inner validation

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app





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