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New to Human Design?


INTRODUCING The Recorded Foundational Human Design Reading!


Includes the following:

🪷 30-minute personalized audio recorded Reading sent directly to your email.*
        *Please allow 5-7 days for delivery.

🪷 Understand why you are wired the way you are.

🪷 Learn how to transcend your limitations & challenges (shadows) into gifts.

🪷 Learn how to trust your inner wisdom/ intuition and stop giving away your power. 🪷 Learn how to become empowered in decision-making to create a life of alignment, fulfillment & purpose.

🪷Learn how to create greater harmony & alignment in relationships or parenting.

🪷 Your Human Design Energy Type

🪷 Your unique Strategy and Authority

🪷 Your Personality Profile

🪷 Your personalized Human Design BodyGraph Chart pdf


Includes  Free Gift with purchase: My Path & Purpose pdf Workbook for a deep dive into understanding your energetic flow and how you show up as your unique and authentic self.

*Please allow for 5-7 days for your Personalized audio recorded readings to be created and emailed to you.


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Purchase of a digital product is non-refundable and final.


Recorded Foundational Human Design Reading

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